Saturday, September 17, 2011

Weekend Tidbits

Hello Everybody, hope fun stuff is in your weekend plans. I opened the window blinds to nothing but sunshine. I enjoyed my first cup of coffee out on the patio, but it was kind of cool. I put some seeds in the bird feeder and tossed some in the yard. It didn't take long for the birds to swoop in.. I have cardinals, doves, wrens, and a few more varieties who are frequent visitors to the yard. There is a grand opening for a new flea market today. My buddy and I plan to check it out. In the tough economy, I am sure many people are shopping at places like this and thrift stores. If the items are in good shape, you can find great buys at reasonable prices. Do you have much in the way of household chores to do? It's good to get the entire family in on the chores with tasks they can do. There are lots of weekend events in Atlanta including the Braves, Falcons, and college football games. Also, the Atlanta Dream our WNBA ladies basketball team are in the playoffs. Don't forget about the big fight later tonight on HBO Pay-per-View, Floyd Mayweather vs Victor Ortiz. I'll watch the British comedies on public broadcasting. My fave is "Keeping up Appearances," it's a hoot! One thing I didn't do this morning was make my early run to the grocery store. I have just a few pick ups so I snoozed a little longer. My basket that holds bananas is empty so they will be on my list...I don't want to miss my daily dose of potassium. Happy Weekend!

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  1. Enjoy the weekend, my lovely, off to have my daily dose of potassium, too;-)

  2. Thanks and the weekend was lovely. So glad your getting a daily dose of good potassium. Have a great week;-)