Monday, September 12, 2011

Marvelous Monday

If the sunshine and 80-something degree temps are any indication, I would say the Atlanta area is looking at a Marvelous Monday. My day is off & running with the infamous 'to-do list' written and already has checked marks on a few finished projects. A good tip for tackling your to-do list is to work on tasks that won't require lots of time, get them out of the way first so more time can be devoted to the longer tasks. I do hope everyone had a good weekend. I will say that mine involved a lot of walking which is healthy good. I plan to step up my efforts in searching and landing an editing or writing gig. I know there are lots of freelance jobs out there and I have been pursuing several, but no hits yet. Keep me in mind if you run across anything. It's nice to get job leads :-) Well, here's to a wonderful week ahead for us all. Stay Simply Positive! 

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