Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mother Nature

Wonderful Wednesday readers! There was finally some rain in my neighborhood late last night and I almost thought I was hearing things as the raindrops fell. I peeked out the blinds and sure enough it was raining. I hurriedly placed my ferns further out to get some of this much-needed rain. I always enjoy the day after it's rained because the grass, plants, and flowers look revived from the rainfall. I know we all go out and water our gardens when there hasn't been any rain, but there is just something about a rainy day or night that really gives nature a good boost. I hope we get more this week and I would love for the folks in Texas to start getting heavy doses of rainfall to help with their drought conditions. I heard on the evening news yesterday that the state needs to get at least 24 inches of rain to help with the rain deficit, that's a lot of rain. It's simply unbelievable to see when areas of the country are practically dried up due to lack of rain, but then an area gets inundated with more rain to the point of flooding. I know we can't predict Mother Nature, but only hold onto our hopes and wishes for the weather we desperately need in our town, city, and state. Hang tough, it's coming!

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