Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Touches of Nature

I love nature walks and picking up pine cones that have fallen from the trees along the way. The pine cones can really add touches of nature both inside and outside the home. Place the cones in a bowl or basket and sit on the table, near the fireplace, front door entrance, and more. Add touches of greenery or leaves to the container of pine cones for more fall decor. Just think...these touches cost no money, only a bit of your exercise time.

Photo credit: fieryn from morguefile.com


  1. Good Morning Cynthia, thanks for stopping by and your comments are so appreciated! I love these inexpensive little gems also. Later, I'll post some of mine. When I lived in Georgia, I found large ones compaired to the ones here in Louisiana. Have a wonderful fall day! Luv

  2. Hello Loretta, you are right about the large cones here in Georgia. I look forward to posts on your blog, you always have great pictures :-)