Friday, September 2, 2011

Hit the Road!

TGIF is happy & gorgeous in Atlanta. I won't be bummed out if we get some rain that is part of the forecast for the Labor Day weekend. In fact, bring it on! I wonder if many people took a vacation day from work to get a jump start on the holiday. Is anyone heading out-of-town for the weekend? Just a quick mention on the jobs report that came out today, very dismal with no new jobs added for the month of August. Don't give up, keep looking! I'm super excited about the weekend and hope to hit up a cookout. I have a few favorites that I can bring like deviled eggs, fresh green salad, or healthy fruit. Keep in mind that many people will be hitting the roads this weekend so be careful. Allow enough time to get to your destinations, buckle up and arrive safely. Have fun!

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  1. Mmmmm, Oh My, this looks good enough to eat!LOL. I think I love everything in the baskets! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such beautiful words! Luv

  2. It sure does and I could grab an apple right about now. You're so welcome!