Monday, April 4, 2011

Clutter Free Tip ->Shredder

In an effort to protect my identity, I have a shredder that I use a lot to shred important documents, credit card offers, junk mail, etc. We have to be careful with our personal information these days with identity theft on the rise. Place a box near the shredder and toss items that need to be shredded in it. This helps to keep your desk top clutter free too. Mark the box with the word "Shred" on it so that everyone knows what to do with the contents. Try not to let too many documents accumulate in the box so that you're not overwhelmed and neither is the shredder. Stay Protected!


  1. I also always shred my important documents and papers for safety reasons. One of the reasons for identify theft is because people put their important information in the garbage without shredding it. Way to go, smart move Cynthia!


  2. So right Melody and from what I hear, people like to go dumpster diving. Just imagine the information they probably find. I'm not taking any chances :-)