Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Extra Money->Have a Garage Sale

A good way to make some extra money is to have a garage sale. These type of sales can generate extra cash to help cover all types of expenses like gas for the car, upcoming summer travel and camp fees, etc. As the temperatures become more seasonable, people are getting out and about on the weekends and looking to snag bargains. You can plan the garage sale for just one day or over two days to give people more opportunity to stop and buy. I favor planning one with a neighbor or friend in order to take the stress of doing it all yourself. Plus, it's much more fun! Another way to earn extra money during the garage sale is to bake cookies, place them in baggies and sell them 3 for a $1. I'm sure the cookies will be a hit as people who start out early might need a pick-me-up as they hunt for the next garage sale sign.


  1. Having a garage sale is a good way to raise some extra money.

  2. Hello and thanks for checking out my blog and commenting on this post. As budgets get tighter, this will help a bit.