Saturday, April 9, 2011

Good Day for Bargains

Happy Weekend Everybody! I've got bargain shopping on my mind today. There is something about Saturdays for one and the weekend in general where you want to get out and about looking for bargains. Or is it just me? I think we all have a little of those thoughts. I like to stumble upon a street sign with an arrow pointing to a nearby garage sale. It's fun to follow the signs and see what bargains you might find. I am on the lookout for a birdbath. I saw a plastic one in a store, but I hope to find an old stone one for a bargain price. One of my neighbors has a small birdbath in their front yard and I can imagine the birds that stop by to take a dip. I bet the fluttering of their wings is an awesome sight. A friend had a garage sale last month and the flow of people stopping by was constant. They did very well and had items priced to sell which is the key to a good garage sale. In these economic times, people are out looking for bargains and sellers are looking to earn some extra cash. It's a win-win for everyone. It's time to grab the sunglasses, see ya!

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