Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day & Good Friday!

A nice day in Atlanta for celebrating Earth Day and Good Friday. It's also Easter weekend and I bet it will be a busy time for everyone. My neighbor was just saying yesterday about all the cooking she will be doing for their family get-together. Also, get ready for the malls to be bustling with shoppers looking for that outfit not only for themselves, but the kids. I can truly say that the Easter outfits for the children are simply the best. The girls in their dresses and the boys in their suits is nothing short of cuteness. As we celebrate Earth Day, let's all continue to do our part for the environment. Don't forget to take your travel mug to Starbucks to get a free coffee in celebration of Earth Day. Call your pals and have a meet up there. Now that will be a nice way to spend Good Friday.

Let's all Reduce, Reuse & Recycle!


  1. Have a blessed Easter ! I hope people will concentrate more about the spiritual significance of this day and not about shopping.

  2. Hi jardelle and the same for you as we all celebrate Easter.