Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowed In->Organization Time

The first snow and ice for 2011 has fallen in Atlanta and the state of Georgia. The word from the news channels and GDOT is to stay at home and off the roads. I am heeding their advice and not heading out anywhere. I bet there will be plenty of television, playing video games, catching up on your favorite book read, and more during this time. If all that gets a bit dull and you need a change, how about organizing some areas in your home or office? The kids are probably home from school so get them involved too. Here are some suggestions:

--->Closet: You don't have to tackle the entire closet, maybe just certain areas like shoes, sweaters, jeans, purses, etc. Any part of the closet that is truly in disarray can be organized.
--->Office: It's a new year and time to make new 2011 files on various topics. Use an empty box to file away any last year's stuff.
--->Tax Time: Gather any paperwork you will need as you get ready to prepare your taxes. I am sure your tax preparer will appreciate the organization of your papers and receipts when you meet with him or her. If you prepare your own taxes, you won't have to scurry about to find information.
--->Kids' Rooms: Get the kid's involved in organizing areas in their rooms like the study desk, closet, bookshelves, and video games. I think the kid's will be so pleased with their efforts when they get ready to pick out their school outfit from the organized closet and head back to school from the snow days.

Also, make sure to have a box marked 'donation' to take to your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, or any charity that could use your donation. Enjoy lunch or dinner together after all your hard work.

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