Thursday, January 20, 2011

Frugal Tip of the Day

The cold winter temperatures may be doing a number on your heating bill like raising it. To try and keep the costs down, set the thermostat in your home at 68 degrees and keep it there all season long. One of my neighbors turned their heat completely off while away for a week during the holidays. When they arrived back home, the temperature in the house was 42 degrees. They said the heat ran for hours as it was trying to get back to the 68 degrees they normally set the thermostat during the winter. The better bet would have been to cut the temperature down a few degrees while they were away. To help keep you warm around the house, wear a sweater or extra layer of clothing. At night, throw a blanket on the bed for added warmth. Also, invest in a set of flannel sheets for your bed.

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