Saturday, January 29, 2011

Creature of Habit

Some years ago, I truly can say my being a creature of habit as the term is commonly used came into play at my home. My car was stolen while warming up inside the garage on a cold January morning. I must have thought it was a Twilight Zone moment because I closed the garage door and reopened it as if the car was going to reappear. Nope, my car was really gone! Luckily, I never put my purse inside the car while it was warming. This would have really been a more tragic event given the information the car thieves now possessed. I do believe as did the police, that someone had been watching this morning habit of mine and swooped in.

I know we are all probably creatures of habit in our everyday routines doing a lot of things pretty much at the same time. If you do warm your car in the morning, please be careful leaving it running while you are not inside. When I told my neighbors about the incident, many of them said they did the same thing every morning especially those with children who wanted to warm the car before bringing the kids out. Just be careful because you never know who's watching you. A lesson I learned the hard way!

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