Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowy Tip

I'm on Day 3 of being home bound due to the snow & ice storm that hit Atlanta on last Sunday evening. The sun finally came out today and will begin to melt away a lot of the ice that is hampering any ability to get out on the roads safely. The temperatures are very cold and some refreezing will more than likely occur. I did prepare for the possibility of being inside for days by grocery shopping last Saturday. Although I am now down to one apple, banana, and a few scoops of coffee. I forgot to check the coffee canister to see how much was left. Silly me, talk about rationing!

Here's my Snowy Tip ->If you have a vehicle that is able to handle the conditions and you plan to go make a run to the grocery store, it would be a nice gesture to check with your neighbors to see if they need anything or would like to ride with you to get a few items of their own. I think your neighbors will appreciate your act of kindness.

You may be wondering if cabin fever has set in with me, the answer is Yes :-)

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