Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Renter's Insurance, So Worth It

Yesterday a fire broke out at my neighbor's town home. A brush fire somehow started and the home sustained heavy damage to the siding and to the one next door that's empty and for sale. The young couple and their three children made it out safely and they will be able to stay there which is good news. They are renting the town home and she mentioned that they do not have renter's insurance.

As a homeowner, I have to have insurance. A renter's insurance policy is optional and many people just aren't covered. Although, I am hearing that some apartment complexes are requiring tenants to have renter's insurance and I suspect private landlords may be too. Don't be left uncovered even though you are just renting. Determine how much it will cost to replace your items and get a renter's policy that will cover any losses. Check with the insurance company that covers your car because you can usually get a discount if you have multiple coverages with the same company. It's so worth it!


  1. Yup, it is important for someone to make sure they have insurance on their house. No one want to have their house burnt down and all theirs things gone.


  2. Absolutely and I think my neighbor's got an eye opener and close call yesterday. Nice to have your comments.