Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday's Money Saving Tip

Most of us have a hand soap dispenser at the sink in our kitchen and bathrooms. I counted four dispensers in my home and I am guessing you probably have just as many in yours. So having to buy new dispensers for each location once the soap runs out can be expensive.

To save money, buy a big refill bottle and use it to refill each dispenser. If you have a dispenser with a front design that really fits the decor of the kitchen or bathroom, you may not be able to find it again. Thus, the refill bottle solves this dilemma.

I'm always thinking of ways to save money and hope you enjoyed this tip. Have a great day!


  1. So true!! I have a small apartment but I keep soap in my kitchen as well as in my bathroom. Thank you for reminding me to be SMART about using soap!!

    (@2Serenity from twitter here!)

  2. Thanks for your comment and for following my new blog.