Monday, May 3, 2010

Ways to Earn Extra Money

If you are in-between jobs right now or just in need of more cash flow, here are some ways to earn extra money:

  • Pet Sitting/Walking: Dog owners know the importance of taking their furry friend for their daily walk. But, there are times when owners may have to stay late after work, stop by the fitness center, or meet friends for cocktails. Here is where you can earn some extra money by providing your services to walk their dog or feed the cat. You can schedule specific days so that the owner will know their dog will be taken for their walk. Lots of people are making vacation plans and may not want to board their dog or cat for long periods of time and would prefer to use a pet sitter instead.
  • House Sitting: This is another way to provide a service for someone who will be away from their home for a week-long business trip or vacation. You can either offer to stay at their home or come by at various times of the day to check on their home. Pick up the newspapers in the driveway, retrieve their mail, mow the lawn, water their plants, or write down their messages from the answering machine so that it does not get full.
  • Run Errands/Meet Repair Service: Check with your neighbors or friends who may have very busy lives to see if they have household or personal errands that you can help them with to take the load off. Also, offer to meet the maintenance service if the homeowner cannot sit at home during that 4-hour block usually given when you schedule an appointment.
These are just a few ideas and please feel free to share your own. Every bit of extra money helps in these tough economic times. Take some time to map out the areas you will cover so that you can offer reasonable prices. You don't want all your extra money going for gas to get to these gigs. The referrals from your good service will put you in high demand. Good Luck!

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