Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Five Ways to Get Bed & Bath Ready for Guests

As the holiday and vacation travel season begins, now is the time to start getting your guest bedroom and bathroom ready for family and friends. Here are five simple ways to get these rooms ready before they arrive.

1. De-Clutter Room: A lot of extra rooms become a catch-all for other things. Take some time to clear the room of these items and make sure the room does not have furnishings that anyone could trip over. Equip the nightstand with lamp, clock radio, and tissue box. I also like to have an unbreakable cup on the nightstand in case your guests need a drink of water during the night.
2. Check Bedding: Take a look at the bedding to see if a new comforter or sheets are needed. You may want to update the bedding from last season anyway. Check to make sure the sleeping pillows have not gone flat. If so, get some new ones. Add some colorful throw pillows for a pop to the bedroom.
3. Fresh Towels/Soap: Invest in new towel sets for the guest bathroom. Place unopened and unscented bars of soap on the sink. Keep paper towels nearby for easy hand drying. Look for the ones with design prints for added pleasure.
4. Room Freshners: Use these in both bed and bath for a fresh scent. They come in various design covers for a bright decor.
5. Nightlights: Place them in both rooms in case your guests have to get up in the middle of the night. These add just enough light to see where they are going.

These are just a few added touches to make your guests feel welcome. A candy dish with mints or chocolates in the bedroom is always a treat. Your guests may not want to leave!

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