Friday, May 7, 2010

Kid-Friendly Ideas for Mother's Day

I remember as a kid trying to think of something special to buy my Mom for Mother's Day. It just seemed like she had everything. As the week went along, I would try to pick up clues to help with my gift ideas. I would end up with a gift, but I would also do tasks around the house for her.

Here are some kid-friendly ideas for Mother's Day that will convey how much you love and appreciate all that she does for the family.

A. Brunch Treat: I choose brunch because Mom will be sleeping in on her special day and it might be close to lunch before she gets up. Plan to serve pieces of toast or bagel, favorite fruits, coffee, juice and water. I know a cooked meal might be yummier, but you want to keep the clean up to a minimum. Who wants to bother with a sink full of dishes, not Mom.
B. Make her Bed: Over the years, I bet you can recall the many times you came home and found your bed all made up and ready for night's slumber. On this day, make Mom's bed for a change. The sheets may hang out a bit, but she will be tickled pink when she sees what the kids have done.
C. Wash her Car: Break out the hose, sponges, and cleaner to wash her car. I bet Mom has driven you to school when you missed the bus, taken you to sport practices, dropped you off to visit your friends. Go a step further and clean the inside of the car. Grab a trash bag and pick up the snack wrappers and empty water bottles from your travels.

Mom's hold a special place in our hearts not only on Mother's Day, but everyday! Show her how much with these ideas and some of your very own. Have Fun!

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