Friday, May 21, 2010

Sending a Card or Letter

I enjoy the easy way we communicate with family and friends by email, social media, and e-cards. These are truly quicker ways to say hello and update what's happening in our lives.

On occasion, I like to surprise my family and friends by sending a card or hand-written letter by mail. Maybe someone has gotten a new job, needs cheering up, or just to simply say you are thinking of them. We all take that daily trek to our mailbox and most of the time we pretty much know what's in there ->bills or junk mail.

The price of cards and stamps have gone up, but most of us pay bills and such online so you probably don't use many stamps anymore. Plus, you can buy 2 for $1 cards at your local dollar stores or even Wal-Mart who has them priced pretty cheap too. The selections offer lots of themes to choose from as well. I just know you will find one that fits the right occasion.

When I have sent out cards or letters to family and friends, I get a call telling me how nice it was to receive it. Granted e-cards are just a click away, but receiving a card or letter by mail adds just that special touch you are trying to convey. Put a smile on their face soon!

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