Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thoughts on Texting

One of my Facebook friends likes to post inspirational updates mainly about relationships, but on occasion will provide other inspiring updates on other topics. He uses a lot of texting shortcuts for his updates and I believe he uses a mobile device so that may the reason. I will admit to being a bit "old school" and it really shows when it comes to reading text messages. I sometimes wish I could rewrite the messages and spell the words out in their entirety. It would sure make those inspiring words flow more easily.

I admit that I did not know for quite awhile what 'LOL' stood for...really. I know text messaging is the new way of communicating with others, but I find myself wanting to correct the message and spell the words out fully instead of all those abbreviations. I have gotten with the times and know the language of texting much more now. I simply prefer to read messages where the words are spelled out and do not contain numbers and other shortcuts when reading them. Just Me!

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