Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Family Dinner Together

I started thinking about the family night dinners that my family would have where we all sat down at the table for dinner. Both my parents worked, but I remember us having many nights of dinners together. I always enjoyed setting the table which was my favorite thing to do and making sure the napkins were folded just right. My Dad, Mom, Brother, and Me would sit down for family dinners together and have conversations about our day, current events, or any topic. I know that families are busier with long work hours, athletic activities, and other events that have taken the place of families being able to all sit down for dinner together.

I may be feeling a bit nostalgic, but wanted to share the importance of slowing down and planning at least one night of the week where the entire family prepares dinner or orders takeout for a sit down dinner together. I know we're all wired into the internet in our rooms and offices at home which is sometimes where our dinners are eaten as we continue to check tweets, texts, emails, and Facebook status updates. Let's turn the many electronic devices off and come to the table to reconnect with family members. You may be surprised at just what's happening in their lives.

I see great nights of engagement and fun!


  1. You are SO right! We need to turn off those electronic devices and have family time. It's a 'sacrifice' we will never regret.


  2. Thanks Allie for your comment and for stopping by my blog :-)