Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First Year Anniversary ->My Blog

I can't believe my blog is celebrating it's first year anniversary today. It was on this date that I finally pressed 'publish post' and it's been full steam ahead. Congratulations!

Let me start out by saying this blog has been the most exciting writing experience. I began with one follower, my brother. You have to love your family for their support and encouragement. I now have 15 followers on my blog and I appreciate all of you especially your comments to my posts. The main themes around my blog have been budgeting, organizing, and healthy topics. Along the way, I started to post interesting stories from around the internet, photo galleries, music, food, and many other topics that I found to be good reads. I hope you have enjoyed them as well.

I have met so many other bloggers on this first year journey and their friendships have been very nice. I look forward to continuing to write and post content that my readers will find informative, useful, and most of all fun. My blog audience spans many countries not only in the United States, but Denmark, UK, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Slovenia, and Italy to name a few.

Thanks everyone for making my first year a sweet success!

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