Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Organizing Your Closet

OK, I will admit that I am obsessed with the organization of my closet. My family and friends have seen it and are pretty taken aback with the way everything is neat and orderly. This past Sunday, I noticed I still had some long sleeved blouses from the fall. I was like, how did I miss moving them to the other closet until next season. It's done now!

As I was thinking of my blog post for today, I decided on organizing which is one of my favorite topics. Of course, the closet is one of those cumbersome areas in the house that most of us would like to organize and more importantly, keep it that way.

Here are 3 easy ways:

1. Use clear storage boxes: The uses for these storage boxes are endless. They are easy to stack on either the floor or shelves. Use them for your scarves, socks, belts, chunky jewelry, etc. Label each box with the contents inside for easy access to what you need.
2. Jeans: Do you have lots of jeans? If so, fold and stack them on a shelf. Go a step further and stack them by color ->dark blue, black, light blue, and embellished ones.
3. Tops/Shirts: Hang them according to the type of sleeves they have such as sleeveless, short or long sleeves. Keep each style organized down the row so you can easily scan the closet and grab from that particular section.

Alright, I bet you are probably thinking this will take a lot of work, but it really won't once you start organizing and arranging your closet this way. As you add more clothes to your closet, you will see how organized and functional your closet has become. Will this be on your weekend to-do list :-)

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