Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Exercise During Commercials

One of my favorite directors was Alfred Hitchcock. I am a huge fan of his movies and television series. I watch episodes of the series on Hulu. I noticed that Mr. Hitchcock was not a fan of commercials and would make comments when it was time to cut to them. I know just how he feels because I hate to sit through commercials and have noticed that they seem to be longer. I always turn to other channels until the show I'm watching comes back on.

For some time now, I have been exercising during the commercials. I place a set of free weights beside the couch and do several sets of arm exercises with them. I also do crunches, obliques, squats, and leg work until the show resumes. It's a fun and easy way to exercise during the day especially if you didn't make it to the gym.

I am always looking for sneaky ways to add exercise throughout my day and this will surely do it. Give it a try and I know you will see results. Why sit through boring commercials when you can exercise instead. Get started today!


  1. Great tip Cynthia. I don't watch much TV but when a sports game is on, I can easily get down and do a set of crunches or pushups while the action is paused. Good post

  2. Thanks Justin for commenting. This clearly works during sports watching too. You may get lots of exercise during the NBA Finals!

  3. Cin this is a great way to pass the time while doing something that benefits YOU. Now I can get down with this... Thanks.

  4. Cool Jay, I really enjoy it and hope you will too. I especially like lifting my free weights.