Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Month, Budget Review

Welcome to the new month of June and all things new as I like to say. Greet those first of the month bills with enthusiasm that you have the money to pay them. In these tough economic times, some people are juggling what bills will get paid. A good practice for the new month is to review your budget and see how well things are going. Are you able to add $5 dollars to the monthly savings plan? Right now, no one can escape the high cost of food and gas. While gas prices have gone down a bit, keep your eye on other ways to commute to work like public transportation or carpool. As the air conditioners get cranked up, the electric bills will be going up too. If it's not quite that hot yet, open the windows until you really need to turn on the A/C. Here's an idea ->Look for a part-time job or extra gig on the weekends to help with expenses.

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