Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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Sharing from Summer's Best Beach Reads
Your bookmark won't stay long in the pages of these reads. They all sound great, real page turners!


  1. Always happy to get some more tips about good books! I always have a stack of two or three by my bed. Thanks!


  2. Cute post!!
    Love your blog so much.)))

    I need your help...
    In August I depart to Greece on two weeks. I don't want to sit there on one place, I want to look at all most beautiful places.
    You were sometime in Greece? If yes, that there it is necessary to look and where it is possible to make beautiful photos?

    Thanks for earlier.)

  3. Hi Galen: Happy reading with your books :)

    Hello Mary: I've never been to Greece. I'm sure you won't find it hard to spot beautiful places to take photos. I will surely be checking your blog for them sometime in August. Thanks so much for your lovely comment about my blog.