Monday, June 27, 2011

Moody Monday!

Yep, Monday is here and the beginning of a new week. I recall wearing all black to work on Mondays. I look back now and think was that dark color describing my mood or an easy outfit decision. I say perk up your back-to-work outfit with a pop of color. I bet the compliments will be flying from your co-workers when they pass your desk on how nice the color looks on you. Try wearing some of the bright colors that are all the rave this season like yellow, lime green, orange, and fuschia. If you need a mood buster, these bright colors might help get you ready to take on the day. Don't stop at Monday, keep mixing it up all week long!


  1. I agree! Plus I always feel more social when I'm wearing something that's bright and looks good on me ;)

  2. Hey There! I like your comment and glad you stopped by :)