Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy First Day of Summer

OK, it's officially the start to summer! The temps around the country have felt summery for awhile and springtime almost got the boot early. Let the summer vacations kick into high gear as families plan their getaways. I bet it's a fun time around the households as parents and kids decide where to go. I remember our family vacations were spent on the lakes in Michigan. One of my uncles had a cabin on the lake and we would spend time there. One year we drove to Minnesota and the memories of that vacation live on. The fresh catch of the day made for a delicious meal. It's a beautiful day on the first day of summer!

Credit: Free photos from acobox.com


  1. Yes it is. Thanks for a lovely post. Hugs!

  2. So welcome and always nice when you stop by my blog :-)