Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday To-Do List

Hello to the start of a busy holiday week for many of you. Have your out-of-town guests arrived yet? I am sure the to-do list this week will be filled with lots of things including shopping for gifts, cooking and baking, cleaning the house, and more. Try to keep your daily to-do list manageable by listing the top five items you would like to get done. If you have to move items to the next day, don't worry about it. Also, delegate some to-do items to your family especially the kids since they are probably out of school and home from college for the long holiday break. You might think that keeping them 'out of your hair' by not giving them tasks to-do is good, but it's better to include them. It could be something simple as bringing in firewood to have on hand by the fireplace. I think everyone will feel they played a role in getting the home ready for the holidays.

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