Sunday, December 12, 2010

Helping Others this Holiday Season

As we check our to-do lists for the holiday season, keep in mind those families, friends, or neighbors who may be struggling financially this holiday season. They may not speak out that times are hard and simply buying food for the holidays will be tough let alone gifts.

Here are some ways you can help others during the holiday season:
--->Buy extra non-perishable foods while your shopping
--->Purchase a gift card in any monetary amount you can afford
--->Give cash in a holiday card
--->Fill up the gas tank in their car
--->Purchase a book of stamps
--->Bake some homemade treats and put in decorative tin
--->Buy a rotiserrie chicken that will make a variety of meals. My favorite!

These next few weeks leading up to Christmas will get even busier. Any help you can provide for someone else will be appreciated more than you can ever imagine.

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