Monday, December 6, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

An arctic blast has hit Atlanta with temps in the 20's and blustery winds. Of course, it feels like it's in the teens when you factor in the wind chill. I'm glad that my home has a garage for my car. It's always a good idea to allow your car plenty of time to warm up before driving off. Just in case your car stalls or there is a traffic backup due to weather, be prepared with these tips in mind:
  • Gas tank ->keep full or at least half a tank, never on "E"
  • Flashlight ->make sure the batteries work
  • Ice/Snow Scraper ->keep in car to remove from windows
  • Blanket ->stay warm while you wait
  • Gloves ->keep an extra pair in the glove box
  • Water ->good idea to have some bottles of water in the car
  • Food ->keep some peanut butter crackers or granola bars for snacking

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