Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stay on Track with Exercise during the Holidays

The holiday season is in full swing and all things that go along with preparing for it. It's very easy for your exercise routine to take a backseat with all that you have to do. Here are some ways to stay on track with exercise during the holidays:

1. Use your lunch hour at work to take a walk. There may be school plays to attend, cookies to bake, or potluck meals to prepare for events. You may not have time for your normal evening walk once you get home, but at least you made time for a good walk earlier in the day.
2. There are lots of ways to sneak in a few exercises while you cook or bake. While waiting for the oven to warm, do 2-3 sets of squats, lunges, arm & ab twists or any exercise that you can perform in a standing position. Just before you open the canned foods, use them as weights and do a few arm curls with them.
3. If your wrapping items are spread out on the living room floor for ease, take a break in between gift wrapping and do a few sets of push ups and abdominal exercises.

Keep the stress away and don't fret the small stuff. Be Merry!

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