Saturday, November 27, 2010

Weekend with House Guests

I'm guessing many of you may still have house guests until tomorrow as they begin to travel back home. There is plenty of college football on television today, but some may be on sports overload.

While out and about yesterday, I stopped by Home Depot for a few poinsettias that were .99 cents for one day only. I did not get up at 5 a.m. during their early morning hours in order to buy them and really thought they would all be gone at that price. My luck was on and they still had plenty. I noticed that people were starting to buy Christmas trees and this got me thinking about a fun activity this weekend with your house guests.

Plan a tree trimming party with your guests this evening. Pull out the Christmas decorations and have everyone help decorate the tree. I bet you will have ornaments that family and friends have given you over the years. How nice will it be to reminisce as you hang them on the tree.

I know there probably are leftovers from Thanksgiving that can be served as everyone works up an appetite. Check out some of the recipes at Good Housekeeping to jazz them up. To get even more into the holiday spirit and cheer, serve some eggnog or warm apple cider. Have Fun!

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