Tuesday, November 23, 2010

3 Budget-Savvy Black Friday Tips

The retailers are running television ads and the newspapers are filled with fliers for upcoming deals on Black Friday. I am sure lots of you are ready to shop and catch some of those deals. Here are 3 budget-savvy Black Friday Tips to keep in mind as you head out to shop.

1. Make a List & Budget ->This is truly #1. Plan ahead in the next several days for those on your gift-buying list. If you know what gift you are looking for, jot it down by their name. Listen for hints that your family and friends tend to throw out in hopes you are listening. You are, of course. Write out a budget that truly reflects just how much money you can spend on gifts. More importantly, stick to that budget. Here's a Biggie ->Leave the credit cards at home and use cash.
2. Check Online & Store Fliers ->Spend time checking online for the deals at the places you plan to shop. Also, store fliers are filled with coupons and deals too so don't skip clipping those too. Pick up an in-store flier and double check it as you shop around.
3. Pull Names ->Take the pressure off gift-buying for every family member especially if you have a large family. On Thanksgiving when everyone is together, put all the names in a container and have everyone pull a name. You can spend a bit more on that person when you are not trying to divvy up your money for everybody. Ask them to write down 3 wish list gifts and pick from their list. This tip is good for workplace gift exchanges with co-workers and gal/guy pals too.

As you shop around town on Black Friday, remember to stay hydrated by drinking water and to take breaks to eat. Pack on-the-go snacks like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, boxes of raisins, bananas, or nuts. Any of these can help tie you over until you get home to enjoy more of the leftovers from the Thanksgiving dinner. Think of the money you will save by not buying food from the mall food court. Use the savings for stocking stuffers!

Put a sharpie pen in your bag to check off the gift once it's purchased. Talk about organized, that's you! Have lots of fun as you look ahead to shopping on Black Friday and remember to wear comfortable shoes.

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  1. Good ideas! Especially the packing healthy snacks. Happy Thanksgiving!