Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm a Bird Watcher

Only a few leaves remain on the front yard tree. I am going to miss the beauty of the fall colors that were changing as the season began. An empty birds nest remains in the tree. Long gone are the family of birds that once called this nest home. I have been throwing old bread out in my backyard for the birds who fly in and nibble on it. I remember in my youth doing a class project on birds. I did not win for best project, but was proud of my display. When I am working at the laptop, I glance out the back door and watch the birds. I recently saw a Cardinal bird which is one of my favorites. It's bright red color really pops on a gloomy day. I find bird watching very relaxing and it helps me gather my thoughts when writing. I'm a Bird Watcher, now back to work!

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