Saturday, November 13, 2010

Frugal to a New Level

I was about to make a batch of peanut butter crackers to take along with me while running errands today. It turns out that the new box of saltine crackers I just bought the other day were stale and fell apart instantly. I decided to return them and use the money to purchase another brand that I've had before, but from a different grocery store. Upon entering the store for the return, the lady who checks your bag and receipt commented, "You came back to return these when they were only $1.18." I responded "Yes" and proceeded to the Customer Service desk.

I guess my point is that maybe I could have just not bothered to return the stale crackers and get my money back seeing that they were only $1.18. But, why keep the crackers when I have no plans to eat them. I can use that money for a fresh box. I just may have taken Frugal to a New Level!

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