Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Organizing the College Dorm Room

The fall semester has started on college campuses across the country and students are settling into their college dorm rooms. These rooms are generally not very big and most students have to share them with another student.

Here are some Easy Organizing Tips to make use of the space:

-->Use plenty of clear plastic containers that stack easily. Label the containers using masking tape and a Sharpie pen on what's inside. When you are hurrying in the morning to get to class, you don't want to waste time opening several containers to find what you need. These containers come in handy for storing snacks that you want to stay fresh.
-->Buy a sturdy laundry basket so that you can easily grab it when heading to the laundry facility. The ones with a lid are best to avoid dropping any clothes from the basket while walking to the laundry room.
-->Use an over-the-door shoe rack for easy access to your shoes. This will keep the shoes neatly organized. If you get up in the night, you don't want to run the risk of tripping on shoes that have been left in the middle of the floor.
-->Stay organized on assignments and events with a bulletin board. Hang it near the desk area in the room for easy referencing. There are always fliers being handed out with college events coming up and the board would be a good spot to make sure you don't miss an important project or event.

Please share some of your own tips especially if you lived in a college dorm.

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