Friday, July 23, 2010

My Week: Frugal & Organized

Another great TGIF on tap. It's hot today, but I feel a breeze coming in through the open windows or is it my imagination. Just kidding! I do open the windows to save on my electric bill. I thought for my blog post today, I would give you a look into my week of frugality and organization. Here you go:

-->Organized my weekly to-do list w/few things left to finish
-->Spent no money on Tuesday, Chaching!
-->Prepared dinners at home with some lasting two days
-->Saved BIG bucks by getting my hair done at Cosmetology School
-->Read and organized paperwork: Shredded junk mail, offers
-->Performed some household chores to shore up time this weekend
-->Organized errands to save on gas and time

I share these with you to help incorporate them into your own lives and hope they are helpful. Have a fun day and weekend!

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