Monday, July 26, 2010

Helping with School Supplies

I can't believe some school districts around the country will be starting school next month. It seems like summer vacations are getting shorter. Growing up in the Midwest, we did not start school until after Labor Day. I remember going to a family cookout on the holiday and starting school the next day. I loved the first day of school, reconnecting with friends and teachers. Mostly, picking out the outfit I would wear on that day. It had to be something for all eyes to see. The memories live on!

In the last few weeks, I have seen sale fliers from practically every store with great sales on school supplies. Right now, Wal-Mart has crayons, Elmer's glue, composition books, and glue sticks for $.25 cents. Now that's a bargain! This got me thinking about the tough economy and families who may be struggling to buy school supplies this year for their children and teens.

A great way to help others in need would be to buy some school supplies to help out your neighbor who has school-age children. Also, check within your community for school supplies drives to find out when one will be held. Even if you can't spend a lot of money, every little bit helps in these efforts.

I plan to send my nieces a box of school supplies and I am having so much fun picking out their favorite themes like Disney, Hannah Montana, Camp Rock, etc. Times are tough for everyone and this gesture will show someone that you want to make their child's school experience an enjoyable one.


  1. Cyn I know the girls will love to get those supplies from their Aunt. Thanks so much for helping out when I know you don't have much to give, but a heart full of giving is a heart with plenty.

  2. Thanks Jay and I'm ready to put everything in the mail. I had a fun time picking out the supplies and remembering the excitement of going Back to School. I know the girls will have a great school year!