Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Saving on College Textbooks

This week begins the fall semester for colleges and universities across the country. I remember my college days and the joy of resuming my studies and meeting up with friends. I also recall thoughts of how much the textbooks for my courses would cost.

I wanted to give some saving tips on purchasing textbooks for college students because I know how expensive they can be especially if you have to purchase them new. I always hoped that the professor did not change the textbook from the previous quarter/semester so I could possibly by the book used.

When students get the syllabus for their classes, they should check the campus bookstore's Used Book section to see if the textbook is available there. Better yet, some off-campus bookstores will carry college textbooks at a reduced price so it's worth a walk or drive to see.

During my college years, I did not mind buying used textbooks especially for courses that were electives as we called them back in my day. If the used book was in pretty good condition and the pages weren't filled with too much yellow highlighter, it's a good buy. Another way to find good deals on textbooks is to post on campus bulletin boards the textbooks you need for the courses. A lot of students want to make some extra bucks and may be willing to sell you their textbook at a good price. Just make sure the book is the correct edition for the course.

I hope anyone reading this post with kids in college will appreciate these tips and pass them along to their son or daughter. A college degree will open many doors and take you far in your aspirations. Keep on Learning!

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