Monday, May 21, 2012

Victoria’s Secret set date for UK debut

WILL THE ANGELS BE THERE ->Victoria’s Secret set date for UK debut - Telegraph
The read states that Victoria's Secret will open its first UK store on July 25 just in time for the Olympic Games. Another store will open the very next day in Stratford, east London. The photo with this post is from a Victoria's Secret show last year.

Explore a new city ~ San Diego

Hello again, how is the day been going? It's getting cloudy, but the sun still gets around them before it sets. You know me, always stumbling upon something and this fits that bill. It's a Roundtable of four people talking about all the things to do and more in San Diego, CA.

I tried to post the video to accompany the piece, but it didn't fit the page well and cut some of the folks sitting at the table off. Watch it here ->Roundtable.

It's nice to explore and learn about other cities especially if you plan to visit there. Getting recommendations is always a good idea when traveling. One tidbit I like is how dog-friendly the city is;-) If you visit sunny San Diego, that beach chair has your name written all over it.

Motivation Tip of the Day

Good morning, we all can use a little motivation especially on Monday. Are you starting a new at-home work project or an assignment from the boss at the office this week? Take a few minutes to get organized by jotting down the resources you will need, websites to visit, and outline of ideas. Diving right in without a plan can lead to wasted time and frustration. Stay motivated!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Serenade sendoff for SNL Cast Member

I had planned to watch the season finale of Saturday Night Live last night with host Mick Jagger, but fell asleep. I'll catch the full show on Hulu. Much to my surprise, I discovered that my favorite cast member Kristen Wiig is leaving the show after 7 seasons. The news of her departure was kept under wraps by SNL as I saw nothing trending around the internet about it last week.

Kristen has played some great characters and skits on SNL and will truly be missed. Her reason for leaving is her busy schedule with other projects in the works. She starred in the movie "Bridesmaids" which was a hit at the box office. Here is the warm sendoff from the SNL cast members along with Mick Jagger.

Congratulations Graduates

Good Sunday smiles to everyone. It's graduation time for high school, colleges and universities, and technical colleges. As a matter of fact, the historically black college in Atlanta, Morehouse College is holding its 128th Commencement ceremony today. University President Robert M. Franklin, a 1975 Morehouse College graduate, will deliver his final commencement address at the ceremony.

This is truly a wonderful accomplishment for all the graduates who have successfully completed their studies and now can pursue where the road in life takes them. For high school students, thoughts of furthering their education come fall is wise. Don't let the high cost of attending college these days scare you off. Choose a local college or university as opposed to out-of-state where the fees are higher for those who are not residents. Plus, start out at a two-year college and snag an Associate's degree or trade certification.

The job market is tough for everybody right now and the recent graduate may be feeling even more challenged. Don't give up! Be willing to get your foot in the door at a company by accepting an entry-level position. The manager will notice your efficiency, hard work and willingness to go the 'extra mile'. A new job may open up within the company and a promotion offered to you.

The possibilities are endless so pursue them. Always put your best foot forward and never limit yourself, Congratulations!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Yep, another music video ~Rock On!

I told myself this morning that today was going to be pure fun in whatever I planned for the day and weekend. In keeping with that thought and hoping all of you are enjoying a fun weekend too, jam to the Dave Matthews Band performing one of my favorite songs off their last album "Big Whiskey & The GrooGrux King." By the way, DMB will be in Atlanta next Tuesday, May 22. The venue will be rocking all their hits and comfortable shoes are a must because no one will be sitting down for this one.

Yep, another music video ~Rock On!

Weekend plans, what's shakin'?

Hot Air Balloons_2
Happy the weekend is here! The Atlanta weather can be summed up in a word ~Gorgeous. I hope it's just the same where all my readers live. So what's shakin' in weekend plans?

A lot of festivals are going on pretty much everywhere. Grab the sunglasses, picnic basket and water to head out and take in the sights and sounds. I was thinking that even though you may not have a kid that plays a sport, stop by the local community park and watch a game of baseball, soccer or whatever activity is going on. Clap and cheer for any team and good plays especially home runs.

Grab the kid's and take a break from the television or gaming to wash the cars. Get the ride sparkly clean for next week's commute. A little accidental spray from the hose by the kid's is all in good fun, right:-) ~Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Summer concert preview

SEE WHO'S ON TOUR ->Summer concert preview: Tours offer real music deals –
Lots of musicians are hitting the road this summer in concert. Check out who might be playing in your city. While ticket prices are getting steeper, fans will pay to see their favorite artists. I would love to see Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney on their 21 U.S. cities tour. They perform in Tampa, FL on June 2. Can I squeeze out enough money to get there? Not right now, but one day I'll be in the front row;-)

On the Frugal Friday Tip

Pizza: Grilled chicken, artichoke hearts, and arugula Hey, I didn't post many frugal things this week. I got on a music bent and couldn't get off. I do hope everyone enjoyed those posts. So, I was thinking that Friday's are usually a day when folks order take or go out to eat. That's a nice idea to unwind from the week and treat the family and yourself to something different.

On the Frugal Friday Tip ->Check the refrigerator for any leftovers from the last couple of days that might be a yummy addition to whatever you plan to order. If it's a big pizza, finish off the lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers for a side salad. Do a clean sweep of the refrigerator before grocery shopping over the weekend.

Now Playing - Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation

GREAT FAMILY MOVIE ->Mr Hobbs Takes a Vacation (1962) via Classic Cinema Online
Happy Fun Friday and this classic movie sets the day off nicely. It's a favorite starring James Stewart and Maureen O'Hara. Think back to your family vacations long ago and those enjoyed now. Getting everything packed and into the car can be challenging, but worth it.

Not to give too much away, but the scene at the beach where Mr. Hobbs meets a beach bombshell who introduces herself and the book she's reading, "War and Peace" is cute. I hope she has lots of sunscreen for time in the sun reading that huge novel:-) Enjoy the movie, it's loads of fun!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

9 Things Every Woman Should Own According to Christian Louboutin

French designer Christian Louboutin is best known for the red-sole shoes that many women love. His shoes are very tall, stilettos really. Keep the flats in slide #6 handy;-) ~Take a look.

I like these ->9 Things Every Woman Should Own According to Christian Louboutin, MSN Living

Bird sanctuary in the backyard

Good Thursday evening, there's a slight breeze felt coming in from the open window as I type this post. It's been a busy day and I wonder how I get anything done looking out the window at the birds that have made my backyard their sanctuary. The chirps in the evening are just as beautiful as morning.

The 6 o'clock hour has approached and it seems to be feeding time. The mourning doves, wrens, cardinals,  chickadees, and yes those black crows are are all flying in to feast on seeds in the feeder and tossed in the yard. Plus, day old bread from the local bread store is there. The buy-one-get-one-free deals are a saver. The birds know just where to peck to find the goods.

Birds are a beautiful part of nature and I marvel at the varieties that visit my backyard each day without fail. I see bird feeders when driving around hanging on the trees or hook at someone's house. I'm glad they found my backyard and made it their own sanctuary.

Donna Summer dead at 63

Donna Summer dead at 63 via Today
Sad news on the death of Donna Summer after short battle cancer. The Queen of Disco brought the sounds to the airwaves and dance floors around the world. From the read, it states she was working on an album. Donna Summer will truly be missed, but fans will continue to enjoy all the hits she recorded. RIP!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spreading ourselves too thin

Jennifer Lopez

Happy Hump Day! The news that Jennifer Lopez might be leaving "American Idol" as one of the judges is all the buzz this afternoon. Check out the full story on MSN. She has been on the show for two years and has not yet signed on for a third. There was talk that she's holding out for more money, but J.Lo is quoted as saying "she's too busy." I bet she is with twin boys, the show and summer concert tour with Enrique Iglesias has to consume a lot of time.

OK so many of us may not have the intense schedule that Jennifer Lopez has or any celebrity for that matter, but our lives can be pretty busy. With work, family, chores, shopping and so much more, we can spread ourselves too thin. A freelance writer or consultant can be on-the-go a lot meeting with clients and looking for assignments.

Of course, the more work generated definitely brings in the dollars. But keep in mind that the quality of your work is most important and will ensure that clients stick with you. Spreading ourselves too thin with many commitments can show in the work delivered to the client. We all know that recommendations from others helps a business grow and increases the workflow. Be realistic with your schedule for quality assurance.

When you got it, flaunt it

LET'S RIDE ->Ultra-rare 1957 Ferrari sells for $6.5 million in Monaco via MSN
Photo courtesy: RM Auctions
The wealthy buyer of this classic 1957 Ferrari did just that at auction. The read states that there were only two of its kind ever made so this acquisition is sweet indeed. I can see taking this car out for an afternoon spin along the countryside in Monaco. Can't you?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

K'naan - Take A Minute

K'naan was born in Mogadishu, Somalia and lived there during the Somalia Civil War which began in 1991. I discovered his music awhile ago and have been listening on & off. His genres are hip-hop, world and raggae. K'naan performed at one of the White House performances a few months ago, but I can't recall the exact date. Anyway, this is a great track and the beat is hip.

Gardening Tip of the Day

may garden love
On a rainy day, capture some of that rain in a few buckets or container. The water will come in handy if days go by without any rain for watering the flowers and  veggie garden. Also, it helps save dollars on the water bill. Happy gardening!

Tuesday's to-do needs a boost

Hello everybody, how is the day going so far? It's almost noon and glances at the to-do list let's me know there needs to be more check marks on it:-) There was a light fog that covered the morning skies, but have since faded away. The afternoon looks to hold the key to unlocking sunshine.

If your to-do list needs a boost like mine today, skip the second cup of coffee and crank up the laptop with Adam Lambert's new album. I always check over on AOL Music for the latest releases where listeners can play the full CDs. Lambert's new album is titled "Trespassing" and it's jamming. He was an American Idol contestant some time ago, but did not win. Not to worry, his music career has taken off and this new album proves it.

On the pad I keep near my workstation, I noticed a quote that was jotted down, but no name of who quoted it. I like it and wanted to share it anyway ->"Be weird, Be Random. Be who you are. Because you never know who would love the person you hide." (^_^)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Jay-Z Announces Two-Day Philly Music Festival

Check out this clip on today's announcement by rapper and new dad, Jay-Z about a two-day music festival in Philly coming Labor Day weekend. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has more on the story here. The clip does mention The Roots might be there ~bet on it!

Honesty is the best policy

The story buzzing last week was the discovery of an error on the resume of Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson. Apparently his resume stated he earned a degree in both Accounting and Computer Science. In reality, the CEO graduated with a degree in Accounting only. Now that's no small feat as accounting is a very hard subject and some people really have a way with numbers and know how to crunch them as the saying goes.

There was a call for Mr. Thompson to resign and he has done so while also revealing he has thyroid cancer. Check out the latest details on this story at CNN Money here. Thompson was only on the job at Yahoo four months and the company has been undergoing cost-cutting measures and revamping.

It's a tough job market for those seeking employment, but padding your resume with education, skills and experience you do not have is dishonest. Why run the risk of a hiring headhunter or the company finding out that information on the resume is false? Be honest and straightforward on your abilities. Keep in mind you will have to prove it when given a work project. In this case, the CEO is top-management.

One thing I found interesting was the vetting of the top candidate's credentials. There was clearly a misstep in the education confirmation with the institution where he received the degree.

Bottom line, honesty is the best policy. Don't fear looking over your shoulder wondering when this jig may be up.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Birthday ~ Robert Pattinson

Dreamy Robert Pattinson is celebrating his 26th birthday today. This song is simply titled "her" and he plays the piano beautifully. Happy birthday to the 'Twilight' star.

Frugal Mind at Work

EmoticonYep, even on Sunday and Mother's Day my frugal mind is at work. I do hope everyone is enjoying a nice day especially all my blog readers who are Mom's.

I was thinking just like the day after a holiday where items are 50% off, the same may be true for Mother's Day-themed items too. Even leftover flower bouquets that still have freshness are good buys. I like letting roses dry out and use the buds in glass jars or any crafty project. Some people make their own potpourri with them which is clever.

A Mother's Love

It's a rainy Mother's Day in Georgia. I just got off the phone wishing my Mom a happy day and we talked for hours. She lives in Mesa, Arizona having moved there in January of this year. The trek from Indiana took two days, that's a long drive. Even though many miles separate us, we cherish the time spent chatting on the phone, sending emails, and reading updates on Facebook. Just the other day, my cordless phone started beeping during one of our marathon calls ~Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Supermodel Christy Turlington Burns defends campaign to boycott Mother’s Day

Supermodel Christy Turlington Burns defends her campaign to boycott Mother’s Day via MSN
I can't believe the Supermodel's campaign. I see it hit a nerve with mommy bloggers for one, but many others. I applaud the efforts to bring awareness of complications women face giving birth in Turlington's Every Mother Counts organization, but I don't think a long tradition of the day needs to be boycotted.

Moms all around the world and those in our own lives deserve a special day meant just for's Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day Weekend

After a cloudy start, the sun is out on Mother's Day Weekend! Just stepped back in from the patio for a quick sun soak. Of course, coffee cup was in my hand. The birds are at the feeder for seed delight and backyard nibbles of bread. I'm spoiling them!

I know it's a busy weekend for everyone with shopping, cooking and baking in preparation for mom so I won't hold you long. I thought The Beatles Love album would be a lovely listen over the laptop while doing stuff around the house. There are some groovy hits on the album and perfect for Mother's Day weekend.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Gangster Style Swag

WATCH TRAILER HERE ->The Break Room: Gosling Goes Gangster, GQ on Style:

The movie Trailer for Gangster Squad is full of swag. It has an all-star cast with Ryan Gosling, Josh Brolin, Sean Penn, Nick Nolte, and Emma Stone. I heard a song by rapper Jay-Z playing in the Trailer and I think it's in my CD collection. Yep, the song is "Oh My God" from Jay-Z's Kingdom Come album, it's got swag too;-)

A little something for TGIF

Hi there, we made it to Friday and bet it's been a busy week for many of us. I know one thing, it's a gorgeous day in Atlanta. What's the weather like in your city?

Here's a little something -> Lift free weights for about 10 minutes to boost the  arm muscles before getting dressed. Show off those shapely arms in a sleeveless top or dress for date night & hanging out with pals. Glam it up!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Birthday Quote ~ Bono

Today is U2 frontman Bono's birthday. My blog readers are probably getting tired of these birthday videos, but this one is extra special. I'm a huge fan of U2 and just couldn't pass on posting this fave song, "Beautiful Day." I bet it's one of your favorites too. Please bare with me on yet another music video;-)

Here's that birthday quote ->"As a rock star, I have two instincts, I want to have fun, and I want to change the world. I have a chance to do both." ~Bono

Household Tip of the Day

Fruit flies love fruit, hence their name. They sure can be pesky and not very pleasant flying around in the kitchen or trash can. To keep them away, make sure to throw out any fruits that have ripened too much and probably won't be eaten. After peeling a banana, wrap the peel in a paper towel before throwing in the trash can. Better yet, put the peel inside a plastic grocery bag and place in the freezer until trash day.

The garbage disposal is another fruit fly attraction. Don't forget to run the disposal after putting food scraps down inside. Remember to sanitize the garbage disposal occasionally by pouring a box of baking soda down the disposal.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Billy Joel

This is one of Billy Joel's greatest hits and a perfect pick in celebration of his birthday today. Everyone was crazy about Christie Brinkley who starred in the video. She's a gorgeous Uptown Girl!

Independent jazz band Groove55

GROOVY ->Independent jazz band Groove55 smashes onto Billboard charts via Jazz Corner
I literally just discovered this Canadian band minutes ago after a follower on Twitter tweeted about them. I had to share it on my blog and with my jazzy readers;-) Check out the read and then head over to the Groove55 website and listen to some uptempo smooth jazz. ~Very nice!

Wise shopping for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is coming up this Sunday and bet ideas on a gift are swirling around. I remember trying to get some ideas from my Mom during conversations or shopping together. These days low budgets and some people still out of work makes cash flow even tighter.

The saying "it's not the gift, but the thought that counts" rings true for any occasion. Our Mom's are special and on Mother's Day we want show just how much we appreciate their love. A card across the miles with $5 or $10 slipped inside will bring a smile to her face. Remember, it's the little things that count the most and add to the precious memories on Mother's Day. Shop wise for Mom!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New novel 'Home' brings Toni Morrison back to Ohio

Toni Morrison 

New novel 'Home' brings Toni Morrison back to Ohio –
Wonderful article on the 1993 Nobel Prize winner for Literature. Her new novel is titled Home and it's set in Georgia. Oprah Winfrey  included Toni Morrison's latest novel on her list of "18 books to watch for in May 2012" ~see it on her website.

African-American collection up for auction

This is a fascinating yet heartbreaking story. Due to filing bankruptcy, the collector of African-American artifacts will lose the entire collection at auction. He goes by the nickname 'Magnificent Montague' and says it has been hard to keep up with the collection because it's so massive. A museum of African-American history should bid on this collection so that visitors, schools, teachers, and parents can enjoy all the historical artifacts the collector has amassed. Check out the full story on CNN. It definitely needs to come out of the storage boxes for all to see. Magnificent indeed!

Terrific Tuesday Tidbit

Camelia1870Good day and have I got a terrific Tuesday tidbit to share with everyone. Late last week I mentioned a writing opportunity with an online magazine. Well, I was chosen as one of the Summer 2012 contributors for OliveCocoMag. I am thrilled and appreciate the chance to expand my writing on this wonderful website. The mag asked that we write a post for the area you want to cover on the mag. I chose fitness and nutrition which are two of my favorite topics. I submitted the article via email and within hours got a reply that the post was great and was up on the website. I did a 40 yard dash over to check it out;-) You can read my post here. Take a look around OliveCocoMag which features entertainment, fashion, beauty, romance, fitness & nutrition and more. Isn't this tidbit Terrific!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Amazing Savion Glover

Something a little different from my usual Music Monday post. I came across this performance by the amazing tap dancer, Savion Glover. His moves in those tap shoes make their own music that thrills audiences. Savion is a dynamic dancer!

Lost parakeet shocks cops by telling them its home address

COOL NEWS ->Lost parakeet shocks cops by telling them its home address via MSN
EmoticonThis has to be the coolest story. Of course, you all know how much I love birds and think it's pretty neat for those who have a parakeet. See, it pays to talk to our pets!

Healthy Bite of the Day

WatermelonHappy Monday and we're off and running just like the horses at the Kentucky Derby this past weekend. It's out the front door to work, appointments, errands or class. The spring temperatures are recording summertime readings already. Keep cool and hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Plus, add watermelon as a way to replenish thirst and get healthy bites of nutrition. 

Watermelon is a great source for vitamins C and A along with lycopene which helps fight cancer. It's also fat free! Save time by cutting up bite size chunks for easy snacking and store in an air-tight container in the refrigerator. The kids will enjoy the cool down it provides after playing outside. Watermelon helps replenish electrolytes lost during perspiration. It's a great in-between meal snack too. Stay cool and hydrated with watermelon all season long!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

It's elementary my dear Watson

Hello, hope everyone is enjoying the day and glorious sunshine fills the skies where you reside. We share our posts all across the world when viewers visit our blogs. It's fascinating to see the diversity, I just love it. I'm always thrilled to discover the vast knowledge expanding around the globe.

Tonight is the premiere of Season 2 for Masterpiece Mystery Sherlock on PBS starting at 9 p.m. Here's a short clip of the episode titled "A Scandal in Belgravia." Plus, Masterpiece is hosting a Twitter Event where viewers can tweet during the show using the hashtag #SherlockPBS. It's sure to be a fun night and I will be watching & tweeting!

Why men are out-shopping women online

THIS IS TRENDY ->Why men are out-shopping women online –
Really :) I can see this trend especially with the ease of browsing and shopping online. Simply add the item to the cart and head to the checkout line. In this case, it's just a click away on the laptop and from the comforts of home. We all know the old adage is that men don't like to shop and malls are definitely not a favorite. OK, ladies we need to step up our game, maybe just a little;-)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Emily King ~ Ordinary Heart

New music from independent artist Emily King. I like this song and her neo-soul sound. Check out more on Emily King and the latest in music news on Singersroom.

Kentucky Derby fashions

DAY AT THE RACES ->Gallery | Kentucky Derby fashions |
Everybody knows the hats and fashions at the Kentucky Derby gets a lot of buzz on race day. There are plenty of hats in the gallery along with colorful outfits. One of my favorites is this one ~it's very pretty!

Happy Cinco de Mayo

It's a festive day as the world celebrates Cinco de Mayo which is Spanish for "fifth of May" and a celebration of  Mexican heritage and pride. Anyone have special plans for the day? It's a sunny Saturday in my town and I can't wait get out and soak up bits of sunshine. Enjoy the weekend and all the festive fun on Cinco de Mayo!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday's Full Moon

Perfect pick to go along with the full moon brightening the ATL skies tonight!

Bargain blooms for Mother's Day

SNAG A FEW ->Bargain blooms for Mother's Day - Your Money - MSN Money
I was talking to my mom earlier today and she said "isn't Mother's Day this Sunday?" I thought oh no, but it's on Sunday, May 13th...Whew! We have another week to buy gifts and order flowers, but don't wait too long. This piece gives good tips on snagging a bargain for mom's special day!

Roll out the welcome mat, it's Friday

EmoticonYep, roll it out! Are we wrapping up the items on the to-do list? I'm playing catch up after getting behind yesterday from stormy weather. The flowers loved getting wet!

It's been a wonderful week and I'm pursuing  another contributing writing freelance gig with an internet mag. I will keep everyone in-the-know when I hear if it's a go. My fingers are crossed on both hands;-)

Oh, I discovered a hip internet radio station called NuHitzRadio. They followed me on Twitter and I checked out their website. If you want to hear great music right from the laptop, NuHitzRadio brings it!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mick Jagger will host season finale of 'SNL'

GROOVY NEWS ->NBC: Mick Jagger will host season finale of 'SNL' via USAToday
I like Mick Jagger and having him host and perform is gonna be nice. Mick is set for Saturday, May 19. The music video below was his performance at The White House back in February 2012 singing his smash hit "Miss You." I dig his red shirt & shoes!

May is National Pet Month

Good morning, while browsing the weekly ad for Publix, I read that May is National Pet Month. The store has plenty of great buys on dog and cat food in celebration of the month and they have a wonderful pet aisle.

Coale & Me, may he RIP!
Pets are a part of the family in many households today. It's not uncommon to have more than one pet be it dogs, cats or a combination of both. We love our pets and take them with us on vacations as hotels have become very pet-friendly.

The pet sitting business is booming and the need for a dog walker to come take your dog for a walk at several times during the day. This is helpful for a single person who may have an after-work event and will not make it home until late.

Give to your local animal shelter either monetary or drop off items they may need like paper towels, old towels or pet food. If you can, adopt a furry friend and give them a loving home. Don't miss the 'daily puppy' on my blog sidebar. It makes my day and hope yours as well.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Saving money is a family affair

Good Hump Day, hope the week is moving along nicely. Now you know it would not take long in the new month for me to give a few words on budgeting & savings. It's just May 2nd and we're gearing up to pay some bills, right. Many have probably started paying them online which is good, save a stamp and drive to the post office. Put a little extra on that credit card bill.

Don't underestimate the $5 to $10 dollars towards the savings each month. You won't believe how that amount will grow left untouched. As summer vacation plans begin, the money saved will help gas up the car, buy food, and souvenirs from the trip. Encourage the family to save their money from chores, cutting lawns or dog walking gigs. Learning early to budget and save money is a family affair where everyone shares ideas on just how to accomplish these goals.

Little Red Corvette

I guess the temptation to drive this red hot Corvette was too much for one parking lot owner. He drove the sporty Corvette all over town and even took it home overnight. Check out the video and cue the Prince song "Little Red Corvette" ~Varooom!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Tim McGraw

I just had to post this music video in celebration of country music hottie Tim McGraw's birthday. He turned 45 today and looks might fine in all black;-)

Art Quote of the Day

It's the 1st of May and all things the new month will bring. The April showers brought May flowers to gardens around the world. Stop and marvel at their beauty. I feel artsy today even though I mostly doodle. Here is a quote from an artist who gave us beautiful art and one of the best quotes.

"Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes." ~Andy Warhol

Monday, April 30, 2012

Shaquille O'Neal at March of Dimes

SEE PICS HERE ->Gallery | Shaquille O'Neal at March of Dimes |
Great pics from this event last Saturday in Atlanta. I just adore the picture of Shaq holding the baby up to the rim. There's a NBA future down the road for the little kiddo!

Music Monday ~ International Jazz Day

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and its 195 member nations will celebrate the day around the world for International Jazz Day which will be held each year on April 30th. UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Herbie Hancock created the idea awhile ago and plans have been in the works for this day.

I discovered a wonderful website today for a jazz musician who needs no introduction, the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz and its jam-packed with lots of information plus all the happenings surrounding International Jazz Day. Go ahead and bookmark this website, I sure did;-)

Without further ado, here is one of my favorite international jazz artists, Keiko Matsui. She is a Japanese keyboardist and composer combining smooth jazz, jazz fusion and new age. This song was recorded live at Bunkamura Orchard Hall in Toyko Japan in 2002. It's spectacular!

Love Handles or Muffin Top

Hey there, it's Monday and I'm fired up and ready to go. How about you? We all  have heard the terms "love handles" or "muffin top" and both are used to describe the little bulges around the waist area.

The love handles is an endearment when pinching at waist in fun with your sweetie. Now the muffin top is a bit more pesky especially when that bulge spills over in our slacks and pants. It's a trouble spot.

Not to worry, there are exercises that help to reduce the bulge of the love handles or muffin top. Simply do 2-3 sets counting to 10 of these exercises that target the waistline:

--->Twist the waist from side to side
--->Do side bends from right to left that target the waist really well
--->Use 3-5 lb free weights in side bends for added resistance
--->Lay on your side and lift up in a bend motion on each side

Keep in mind that healthy eating and cutting down on snacks is just as important for any exercise routine. Get ready to look fabulous in those shapely tees, shorts and jeans. Leave the muffin top at the bakery!


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Adele ~ My Same

This song is off Adele's first album "Chasing Pavements." It's upbeat and will definitely get the head bopping. I only discovered Adele's music on her second album "21" which is a smash. I'm catching up with her music. This song is super!


The do-it-yourself tasks around the house have become popular with homeowners. Home improvement stores like Lowe's and Home Depot offer classes for easy DIY tasks like a tile back splash in the kitchen. Just remember to be realistic on the DIY project and if you can really do it especially by yourself. Be careful when it comes to anything requiring ladder work like gutter repair or painting. The last thing anyone needs is to get injured from a fall. If needed, hire a professional. Otherwise, be proud when the DIY project is done!

Wedded Bliss Indeed

EmoticonHappy Sunday afternoon and if I had to describe the day, I'd use those three B's I like so much ->Beautiful, Bold & Blessed. Prince William and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge are celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary today. It seems only yesterday the world woke early in some time zones to watch the couple walk down the aisle. Then, we watched them from atop the balcony awaiting the infamous kiss ~wedded bliss indeed!

Hope your day is blissful. Hey, I made need to add another 'B' to my faves;-)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

GLEE's Tribute to Whitney Houston

On Tuesday of this week, the hit show GLEE paid tribute to singer Whitney Houston. The show airs on FOX at 8 p.m. on Tuesdays. The GLEE cast performed one of Whitney's popular hits "How Will I Know." Actually, I read that this song was one of Whitney's faves. They did a nice job!

Weekend Mix of Things

Hi everybody, April has been Jazz Appreciation Month and this is a music genre that's tops on my list. On Monday, April 30th jazz fusion musician Herbie Hancock and others will celebrate International Jazz Day. Catch the all-star concerts in New Orleans at sunrise and New York at sunset. The International Jazz Day website has all the details.

The weather is simply sunny and will be all weekend in Atlanta. Many of my readers know how much I enjoy birds and have a feeder in my backyard. There are some black crows that have discovered this bounty and are eating me out of house and home. They must be peering from the trees watching when I throw out  goodies like day-old bread into the yard for easy grazing. They've gotten crafty by filling their beaks with lots of bread and flying away. Hmmm, can't go broke:-)

Just today, I came across this internet radio station, Essential Radio by Legacy Recordings. Listeners can choose a variety of music genres and it's a nice way to enjoy music on the laptop. Plus, check out the internet radio station that spins funk music all the time. It's Funk Republic Radio and I am a Contributor writer on the station's blog. My shameless plug!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Film Noir

NOW PLAYING ->Witness to Murder (1954) via Classic Cinema Online

I love black & white movies and film noir, that movie genre full of intrigue and suspense. This movie stars my favorite actress, Barbara Stanwyck. Is it too late for popcorn? Nope!

Sketch Artist

BOOK A TRIP ->10 great places to sketch your vacation -
Check out these spots to fill up the sketch pad with all the delights you discover. One of the places is Seattle and it would be cool to sketch (or at least try) the Space Needle. I like London and Venice too. Don't forget to pack your sketch pad and plenty of pencils;-)

TGIF + Groove in my Heart

I'm kicking TGIF off on a Deee-Lite note with their hit song "Groove is in the Heart." I'm feeling this groove and it's been a busy week. Don't knock the hustle! I can't believe how fast the month of April has gone by and this weekend is the last for the month. Have you made any plans yet? Time sure flies especially if you're having fun. Join me and get that groove in your heart.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lance Armstrong touts benefits of vegan diet


READ STORY HERE ->Lance Armstrong touts benefits of vegan diet | MNN - Mother Nature Network

It sounds like Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong really likes the vegan diet especially for breakfast and lunch. Former President Clinton has gone vegan and discovered the benefits while shaping up for his daughter Chelsea's wedding.

5 Easy Closet Organizing Tips

Of course, the closets in the house are always tops on the list for organizing. The garage comes in a close second. We tend to put off tackling an organizing project which can be daunting at times. Here are 5 easy closet organizing tips that won't take too long and will help to get you out the door for work, school or errands:

--->Fold and stack jeans by color on the shelves in the closet
--->Place your favorite belts together on a hanger for easy pick
--->Designate a shelf for tees, tanks & short-sleeved tops
--->Keep chunky bangles, hair clips and hankie scarves in small plastic bins with label of the contents
 --->Organize shoes by color on the shoe racks to grab & go

These tips are pretty simple don't you think, I hope so. An uncluttered life is much more enjoyable and less overwhelming.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Online Courses for Free

I recently came across a website called Coursera where you can take courses online for free. What a discovery and there are lots of courses to choose in a variety of topics. Several universities offer courses like Princeton University, Stanford University, the University of Michigan and the University of Pennsylvania. I already see quite a few courses I would like to take. Watch the short video below that outlines Coursera. This is a wonderful opportunity to take courses online at your own pace. Expand your knowledge all for free!

2012 Music Midtown lineup in Atlanta

SEE THE LINEUP ->Gallery | 2012 Music Midtown lineup |

The lineup looks great for Music Midtown in September which is the fall season and temps should be really pleasant for an outdoor concert in Piedmont Park. Rappers Ludacris and T.I. are in the lineup and fan favorites in Atlanta.

One other performer in the lineup is Joan Jett & The Blackhearts. I remember listening to her rockin' music back in the 80's while in college. The band's hit "I Love Rock N' Roll" blasted in the cars on campus. Why don't we play that music video for Hump Day Wednesday ~put another dime in the jukebox baby!

April is Poetry Month

Good morning sunshine and not a cloud in the sky. The songbirds are still chirping beautifully as they flutter to the bird feeder to munch on the black sunflower seeds. I watch them from the window delighted by their return each day. I step out to the patio with my first cup of coffee and feel a breeze as the chenille throw warms me. I begin to work up the to-do list in my mind with no pad to take notes. Will I remember it...I think so!

Hello everybody, I had made a point to write some poetic words since April is Poetry Month. I don't profess to be a poetry writer, but every now and then my thoughts simply flow with no rhyming to them like most poetry is written. I hope to add one more before the end of poetry month draws near.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Neil deGrasse Tyson Lecture

WATCH HERE ->Neil deGrasse Tyson: Space Exploration is Good for Our Culture (and More Good Links From Around the Web) via Open Culture
EmoticonA super lecture by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson at the 28th National Space Symposium. I enjoy watching NOVA on PBS which features space and science innovations, exploration & discovery.  Dr. Tyson presents segments on NOVA which are fascinating. This lecture includes Q&A from the audience.

Look fit for the Wedding

Free Clipart ImagesIf you plan to be in an upcoming spring or summer wedding as a bridesmaid or hostess, it's time to pick up the free weights and start getting those arms into shape. The bride-to-be has probably already picked out the dress she wants her bridal party to wear. Oh no, it's sleeveless or strapless showing off the arms and shoulders. Not to worry, free weights are the best for shaping and firming. Lift them while watching television or chatting on the phone. Do 3 reps using 5 lb. weights which are not too heavy, but firm well.

The spring or summer wedding could very well be your own, how exciting. The temps are warm around this time of the year and a sleeveless or strapless wedding dress is perfect. Look fit and fabulous in that gorgeous gown!

Happy Birthday ~ Barbra Streisand

Acclaimed singer and actress Barbra Streisand is celebrating her birthday today. Her career is stellar and she still makes appearances at special events. I recall an interview where she revealed how terrified she was with performing before an audience. I'd say Barbra got over her fright once she stepped on stage, a songbird indeed. My favorite film is The Way We Were with dreamy Robert Redford. The title song for the movie is sung by Barbra Streisand and it's beautiful. The video has great scenes from the movie.

Talk about being in love, Barbra's character truly was in love and the ending scene is touching. The lyric "what's too painful to remember, we simply choose to forget" is spot on ~Happy Birthday Barbra!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Tribeca Film Festival

The Tribeca Film Festival started last Wednesday in New York and it's a favorite for film lovers. Here is a clip called "Tribeca at Night" showing the Festival kick off and nightlife around the event. Plus, an audience of festival attendees watching a film outdoors with the beautiful New York skyline in the backdrop. Check out all the happenings on the Tribeca Film Festival website.

Not Just Any T-Shirt

PLAY THE SLIDESHOW ->The GQ Dragnet: The Only Eight Tees You Need Wear It Now:
Hey Fellas, add these Tees for a sporty and might I add sexy look for spring and summer. I like all of them and the colors sizzle!

Healthy Spring Brown Bag

Good morning, I bet many people in parts of the country didn't think they would need their snow scrapers to wipe off the car windows. What a surprise, but spring can still bring the chill. It's almost noon and time for lunch around the workplaces. Even people who work from home try to keep a 9-5 schedule which is a good idea. If you are looking for work, staying on track with scheduling the day will help  the transition.

Just as spring colors are part of our wardrobe for work, take those colors along in your brown bag lunch each day. Here's how to add a healthy pop of color with fruit:
--->Banana for yellow and loads of potassium
--->Red delicious apple and strawberries for red, get your fiber
--->Granny smith apple or Bartlett pear for green
--->Orange, speaks for itself and has a bunch of vitamin C
--->Pink with watermelon, refreshingly cool & quenches thirst
--->Blueberries, grapes and plums for that healthy pop of deep blue and purple, plenty of antioxidants

Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Song for Earth Day ~ What A Wonderful World

Good evening, I hope it's been a fantastic day and Sunday dinner included all the fixings. The temps are cool and brisk winds all day. I ran some errands and should have taken along a scarf. Get the Jackie O. look by adding my black shades;-) In celebration of Earth Day, this song by Louis Armstrong seems fitting. A wonderful world indeed!

Happy Earth Day

It's the most beautiful day in Atlanta on Earth Day. I hope the same in your city or town. Let's all do our part to promote more eco-friendly living towards a cleaner environment. Take a walk in your neighborhood with the kids and do a trash pick up today. It's amazing how much litter gets tossed out especially at the front entrance in communities. Remember the three R's ->Reuse, Reduce & Recycle!