Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Delicious Dish

Watch as Chef Fabio shows Miss Universe, Dayana Mendoza how to prepare a Perfect Bolognese. Delicious!

Date for the Prom

Come On, Really ->Promgoers tweet for the stars, asking celebrities for a date – USATODAY.com
Hey, whatever happened to simply asking the cute guy or gal at high school to the prom? I have been hearing about celebrities being asked to attend events from their fans lately. In my opinion, it's pretty lame.

Even if the celebrity said 'yes' they will attend, the security detail and entourage would be enormous. It would really take away from the whole prom experience for the other students. Just ask that good looking guy or gorgeous gal to the prom. On second thought, looks don't matter it's their kind personality that stands out. Don't be shy, you've got to pick out a suit or dress soon;-)

Georgia's Graduation Rates

Good afternoon, this post is a bit off the usual topics I write about, but I was disappointed in the story on Georgia's graduation rates appearing in the Atlanta Journal Constitution today. Check out the full story here. The graduation rate for Georgia has been reset at 67.4 percent under a new formula.

While I don't have any children, I do keep an eye on the education system having graduated from high school in Georgia. I know it's a whole different experience in the schools these days from learning the curriculum to the unfortunate bullying. Let's encourage more reading & studying and less time playing video games.

Just yesterday, I stopped by a local store and often chat with the friendly cashier. Her son was in the store a few weeks ago and so I asked if he was in high school. She said "no he dropped out." I don't know if she saw the puzzled look on my face and I just had to ask why. Apparently her son has failed 5 times the graduation equivalency exam students have to take for graduating. He became discouraged. I didn't want to ask, but was thinking what are his plans now.

In this tough job market for people with a high school and college education, simply dropping out just doubled the chance of that job application ending up at the bottom of the pile. Graduation is sweet indeed!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Music Monday ~ Joe Satriani

How about we cap Monday night off with this video track by guitarist Joe Satriani. I discovered his music months ago and could not believe his sound. It's incredible! Hope you like this Music Monday pick. Here's to a wonderful week.

Tracy Morgan's Custom-Made Jacket

BLINDING BLING -> Tracy Morgan Introduces Us to his Custom-Made, Swarovski Crystal-Studded Michael Jackson Jacket, GQ.com
The title of the jacket is so long, you know it's gotta be Bling. Apparently Tracy Morgan, star of the hit NBC comedy 30 Rock, is a huge fan of Michael Jackson. Tracy showed off his jacket at the NY premiere of Cirque du Soleil's "Michael Jackson: Immortal World Tour." The jacket is full of Swarovski crystals and this is one jacket you won't leave at the coat check :-)

Organizing Tip of the Day

Hello and welcome to the beginning of a new week. Many of us have at least one or two email addresses like Yahoo & Gmail. Just as file folders are a good way to organize paperwork, using folders within email is also a way to organize messages. Simply name the folder something that represents the emails to go in them. For example, Job Search, Client's Project, or Tax Time for emails with your accountant.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lady & Her Harp

Easter Evening Hello, I was perusing the viewing for tonight on PBS and came across this lovely performance from Austin City Limits which is a popular piece on PBS and airs on Saturday nights. This one caught my eye when I saw the lady with her fingers on the strings ready to play this huge Harp. Her name is Joanna Newsom and the song is "Bridges and Balloons." It's simply wonderful and she sings and plays the Harp beautifully.

Happy Easter Sunday

Early sunrise services all across the country greeted Easter Sunday. The church services will be glorious as members and visitors arrive in pretty pastels and hats for fellowship and to hear God's words delivered eloquently by the pastor. The choir will sing songs of praise to claps of rejoice. The egg hunts begin soon.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

SNL w/Sofia Vergara

I'm watching Saturday Night Live while writing this last post. The show is hosted tonight by Sofia Vergara from the hit sitcom "Modern Family" and the musical guest is One Republic. They are the British band that is all the buzz. After tweeting how much I liked their performance, I got a Follow from Singer/Songwriter twin brothers Kais and Mazin Shammas of BRITROYAL. The #hashtag I used in that tweet probably helped. Listen to 6 new songs in full streaming exclusively on their website. Another cool discovery in music!

EmoticonGood night!

Lady Gaga’s new ride

SEE HER RIDE ->Lady Gaga’s new ride costs serious money, honey via MSN
Yep and it's super sharp. I like the model Lady Gaga chose, it's one of my favorites. Here I am standing next to my Infiniti G35 which is pretty sharp too and paid off, Zoom Zoom Baby!

Healthy Easter Table

The Easter weekend is off to a sunny & bunny hopping start. I'm sure the ovens will get plenty of use as the door opens up to slide the food and desserts inside. The aroma in the kitchens all around the world will be delightful.

Healthy ideas for the Easter table:

->Prepare turkey or roast chicken for those who don't eat ham which is a Easter favorite
->Big salad bowl full of leafy green lettuces topped w/cucumbers
->Plate of tomato slices ~easy to grab with fork & full of antioxidants

There are plenty more to add, but it's a busy day for me and you, right. Hopping out the door!

Friday, April 6, 2012

10 great places to bite into a surprising sandwich

10 great places to bite into a surprising sandwich - USATODAY.com
SmileyKeep these 10 great places handy just in case you land in one of these cities. I love a great sandwich, don't you!

Good Friday

Just a short post on Good Friday to say hello. I bet many folks are off from work today, how nice. Anyone expecting guests for the Easter weekend? There will be plenty of shopping for dinner and sweets for all to enjoy. I am having lunch today with a good friend who was in a car accident last November.

Her recovery is nothing short of miraculous and she's home now. Her black Labrador Retriever, Sam is back with her. God is Good!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rangers Honor Fan

The Texas Rangers unveiled a statue at the ballpark today in honor of the fan, Shannon Stone who fell to his death over the stadium railing while trying to catch a ball for his son Cooper. The tragic accident happened last summer. A nice recognition for the family and Rangers fans especially on the Opening Day for Major League Baseball.

Living in an Abbreviated World

I have noticed that abbreviations are used more these days especially with text messaging to cut down the phone charges when using so many characters. Also, on the popular social media site Twitter, you can only use 140 characters for your Tweets so an abbreviation comes in handy. Plus, they are great to use for Twitter #hashtags...you know what those are right;-) You're followers will understand.

For instance, the show "Dancing with the Stars" gets shorted with "DWTS." Even the President of the United States title gets abbreviated by using POTUS. The First Lady doesn't get left out either, her title reads "FLOTUS."

We're living in an Abbreviated World and it saves time when so many of us are on-the-go. LOL!

Birthday Quote of the Day

Photo: Gregory Peck in 1947/Wikipedia
Today is legendary actor Gregory Peck's birthday. He was born on April 5, 1916 and died June 12, 2003. He was 87. Gregory Peck starred in many films throughout his stellar career. Two favorites come to mind. The first is Alfred Hitchcock's Spellbound in which Peck's character is suffering from amnesia and under the care of a psychiatrist played by Ingrid Bergman. It's thrilling! The second is "To Kill a Mockingbird" for which he won an Academy award. It's a classic to watch over and over again.

Here's the Birthday Quote of the Day : "Tough times don't last, tough people do, remember?" ~Gregory Peck